Amputee women are strong,unique, and never a turn off


I’ve always found amputee women to have unique beauty and strength. I don’t see a disability or anything missing, I see you whole as you are! Not to fetishize you for this sole reason, put you on a pedestal, or to make the pain and experience you have gone through in the spotlight.

It’s seeing a unique, strong and always beautiful soul in a society that has negative views/stereotypes of someone to be broken, incomplete or not to someone’s standards(I.e positions of employment or any number of things). Of course this is not everyone. I’m just showing that I’m understanding and I see more when others choose to see and think less.

We all find different things attractive about one another. This is but only one of the many million more things I want to get to know about you! ✌ “when the Japanese mend broken objects they aggrandize the damage by filling the cracks with gold they believe that when something’s suffered damage and has a history it becomes more beautiful”-Barbara Bloom

I’m 27. I have a car, job, and house out on whidbey island. I feel pretty settled in and have everything I need and looking for that one to explore life with. I enjoy random drives and exploring, either on island or off.

I’d say I’m no different from anyone else that has their hobbies, i.e concert’s/events etc. I’m pretty fluid when wanting to explore anything new or interesting.

I don’t drink anymore, and prefer smoking weed. I don’t mind people who drink, just not my scene anymore. I’m also vegan and definite plus if you are too!

Ultimately I’m like anyone else that has raw emotions and feel I have a lot to share with that certain someone. What I’m looking for is what every human wants in this world, to love and be loved. From being goofy in the good times and also someone to be there in the bad. I’d like to find someone to be the center of my universe as I would be to you.